Jenny and Steve met on their first day at Washington University in St. Louis ("Wash U"), when they moved in on the same dorm floor. Jenny claims she remembers Steve from the introductory floor meeting, but Steve recalls being very shy and quiet that day (as he often is), and refuses to believe he stood out at all. They did, however, manage to become good friends, and spent lots of time together over the next few years, focusing on their studies and little else. Unfortunately, a future of romantic involvement was dealt a serious setback when Jenny was invited over to Steve's Grandparent's house for dinner, and was caught stealing their silverware.

After a semester of studying abroad in Australia, Steve returned in July of 2003 to Oregon a changed man (he had stopped biting his fingernails). Jenny flew out to visit, and they decided that they had beaten around the bush enough and it was time to escalate things to another level. They retured to Wash U in the fall, and Jenny ended up living in the apartment beneath Steve's (conveniently, her and her roommates could hear every sound from Steve and Andy's bathroom; once Steve and Andy became aware, they turned it into a sort of makeshift intercom system).

Despite Jenny suffering from an upsetting final semester (for the first time in college, Steve's GPA was higher than Jenny's, helped by his A+ in weight training), they decided to keep the flame going despite being headed to different cities. Jenny, as expected, had spent her spring semester seeking employment, and had gotten a job in Washington, DC. Steve, also as expected, spent his spring semester playing video games and making messes, and decided to head back to Portland and work independently doing IT work. While the long distance arrangement was fun for awhile (around two days), they decided being together would be more fun, and Steve began making preparations to head East, much like the settlers in the game "Oregon Trail", minus the Ford Escape filled with classic video game systems.

Reunited in January 2005, Steve "temporarily" moved in with Jenny and her three roommates and began looking for work (and managing the house's mouse situation). Five months later, when the lease was up, Steve had found work and moved out with rest of the tenants. Jenny, happy to have Steve in DC with her, but also happy to not have him making a mess of her room anymore, moved to a "quaint" (small) apartment in Bethesda, MD, while Steve continued his transient ways, hopping from home to home until finally invading Jenny's homage to Martha Stewart and taking over her departing roommate's half of the lease in June 2006. Initially, the rules were simple: Steve gets the second bedroom as the Man Room, and Jenny gets the rest of the apartment. Steve's personal belongings stay in the Man Room. Jenny's personal belongings go anywhere else in the apartment, or in the Man Room (her choice). Later ammendments to the rule introducd other stipulations. Steve is not allowed to bake. Ever. Steve does not have to clean the Man Room. Unless Jenny says so. Also, Jenny learns important lessons about managing Steve. For instance, saying to him "Please take the trash out" is not interpretted as "Please take the trash out today" or "Please take the trash out in the next two minutes," but rather "Please take the trash out before the end of time." And that if Jenny has something important for Steve to hear, he probably will not listen, but will be confused later on when said important thing becomes relevant (example: "Steve, there is motor oil in that orange juice container." Ten minutes later: "Jenny, why does this orange juice taste funny?").

Fast forward a few years: Same jobs, same house, same messes, more bikes. Domestic life is good for Jenny and Steve. But after six years of courtship, they both began to recognize that it might be time they got serious about the future of the Bourkinney union. And independently, they came to the same conclusion: it was time to move the TV from the Man Room into the living room, so that they could watch movies on the couch together. Also, they got engaged.