Since many of our guests are non-Portlanders (including us), we have set aside a block of rooms at the Portland Marriott City Center hotel. The hotel is located on Broadway Ave, in the heart of the city. From here, you can catch the Max light rail system or Portland Street Car to access the rest of the city. Plus, this is where Jenny and Steve will be staying (we're hoping for a revolving heart shaped bed in the Honeymoon Suite).

In order to get one of these awesome rooms, at an equally awesome rate (just 139 bucks a night on 7/8, 7/9, and 7/10), you must call the hotel at (503) 226-6300 and tell them you are with the McKinney/Bourque wedding or follow this link: You have until June 8th to reserve your room at this spectacular rate.

Also, to help our out-of-town guests get to the wedding location on Sunday afternoon, we will have buses departing the hotel at around 2:00 PM. Plus, as an added bonus, our bus riding friends will get to hang out with Steve and Jenny on the ride back. Not too shabby.

Portland has a very classy airport, which we affectionately call Portland International Airport, or PDX for short. Most major airlines fly into PDX; we are fans of Southwest in particular, but different strokes for different folks. Be sure to enjoy the free wi-fi at PDX, as well as a cup of coffee at Coffe People.

If you are staying at the Portland Marriott City Center (where we have our room block), there is a shuttle service that will pick you up at the airport. Alternatively, PDX is now served by the MAX lightrail system, which will take you straight into Portland, and beyond (if you really want to checkout the suburb of Hillsboro, that is). Rental cars are available at the airport, too, if that is what you're into.