First, a few biographical facts about Jenny, directly from Steve's memory: Jenny Pearl McKinney was born sometime during the summer of 1982 (or was that '83?), in the large state of Texas ("Deep in the Texas, the big and bright, in the heart of the night"). She has eyes of a certain color, and longish-shortish hair that is brownish. She is about yea tall, unless she is wearing tall shoes, in which case she is about yea tall.

She likes organizing everything, whether that be her CD collection (by artist and album title) or bags of trail mix (by component ingredient). She also likes cleaning the apartment; once this is complete, she likes to clean her cleaning instruments.

During her childhood, she developed a finely tuned set of obsessive-compulsive tendencies, as if in preparation for future compatibility with Steve. When Steve saw her color-coded notebooks and folders (one color per class), her strategically arranged flip-flop and shoe storage, and her colored pencils organized (just like on the box!), he knew he had finally met the one person who could understand his passion for perfection in every aspect of his life. To this day, Jenny is the only one he knows who can successfully complete a game of Trivial Pursuit (successful completion measured, of course, by not just having all the pie pieces, but by having all the pie pieces organized in the same order as on the board).

A few other facts: Jenny has so impressed Steve's family, that his mom has actually asked her what she sees in him. She still has not found a good answer, but she suspects this has something to do with his "pheremones" (smell of cheese). She was also assured early in their relationship by Steve's parents that, if things between them didn't work out, they would choose to keep her rather than Steve. That's an endorsement if ever there was one.