Farrah "The Canuck" Jamal
Farrah and Jenny met on the very first day of high school in first period Women's Concert Choir. The two became fast friends and together spent the better of four years obsessing over their GPA's and respective class ranks. The girls remained close through college and, coincidentally, both ended up in the far off land of Washington, DC, after graduation. Here they have resided for the past seven years, helping one another become accustomed to the surly natives and the deplorable lack of good Mexican food.
Meghan "Pyro" Bourque
Jenny and Meghan met the day after Jenny's 21st birthday when Jenny came out to Oregon to visit. (See "The Couple".) On this same occasion, John bought Jenny her first (legal) drink, a Henry Weinhard's beer, which she dutifully drank, even though she doesn't like beer. Jenny did not attend John and Meghan's wedding - a fact that John takes great pleasure in frequently pointing out. Jenny appreciates that Meghan doesn't feel compelled to bring it up. She is also super excited to finally have a sister, especially one who is as into crafts as she is.
Jeff "Whiskers" McKinney
On October 15, 1984, Jeff McKinney had the audacity to barge in on the perfectly delightful family unit that had previously consisted of Jenny and Mom and Dad. Jeff spent the next 16 years or so just generally being a pest and kind of smelly to boot, as little brothers are wont to be. He once broke the family's only t.v. by running his remote-controlled race car into the legs of the table on which the television was placed, causing it to topple over. Dad refused to replace the t.v. and Jenny was justifiably furious until the day that Jeff was outside playing with the car in the street and a real car ran it over. That's karma, folks. Subsequently, Jeff, in defiance of Jenny's expectations, actually turned out to be rather a cool guy. He also designed the invitations for this wedding, for which Jenny and Steve are profoundly grateful.
"Shoeless" Emily Bamonte
Emily is a hilarious three-year-old of whom Jenny is quite fond. This is noteworthy because - as a general rule - Jenny does not much like children. Also, leading zoologists have recently discovered that Emily's top running speed rivals that of the cheetah. In fact, Jenny has witnessed Emily run so fast that her shoes could not keep up. Pretty remarkable. When asked whether she would like to be in Steve and Jenny's wedding, Emily seemed more or less indifferent to the whole idea until Jenny revealed that she would get to wear a pretty, new dress, at which point she became much more enthusiastic.

John "Drama" Bourque
Despite being two years his senior, John has always looked up to Steve (largely because Steve, at 5'10", is the giant of the Bourque family). While John's careers since college have been laregely uninteresting, he has always come to Steve for exciting stories about MetroClusters and blade chassis. While others claim they see a resemblance between the two, this is clearly a lie; Steve is well known as the more attractive of the two.
Brad "Two Pinkies" Bourque
Nine years Steve's junior, Brad was blessed with the opportunity to learn from his wise older (middle) brother. Brad is currently in college, and this has given him the chance to learn how his big brother Steve became the big man on campus back in his college days (mainly, by alienating anyone interested in being his friend and playing video games a lot).
Tim "Meat Pie" Merrill
Tim and Steve have been friends since they were wee lads, when the Merrills moved in next door to the Bourques. Over the years, they have realized that, when they team up, they represent perfection. This was reinforced when, in high school, they each got perfect scores on different halves of the SATs. Later in life, they go on to form a successful business, Tim and Steve Industries. Slogan: "When 1 plus 1 equals more than 2."
Andy "Poultry Lover" Rice
Andy and Steve met the same day as Steve and Jenny, and while thankfully their relationships have evolved in different directions, they remain good friends. They were roommates through college, played water polo, waxed their body hair for the first time together, and managed to make a mess of every kitchen they ever used.
Owen "Sloth" Bourque
While Owen is actually Steve's nephew, most would find it difficult to believe that such great Bourqueness could come from any other loins than Steve's. Owen, or "Oz" as he is sometimes known (after the HBO prison drama of the same name), is messy, poops his pants, and likes to dance by jumping up and down, much like his uncle. And although he didn't warm up to any of Uncle Steve's Christmas gifts until several months after the fact last year, "Little Steve" (as Meghan has sometimes refers to him) is a good kid, who does a great Goonies impression. Ask him, and he might just show you.