Joining us for our ball-and-chain ceremony is gift enough, but if you're in the giving mood, we're registered at three places.

Macy's carries a variety of household goods. Things like forks, platers, spoons, sheets. When we went to register here, they gave us a pretty cool laser gun to shoot things that we wanted. I ended up bagging four vacuum cleaners that day. Plus a gaggle of bread makers and a sweet cookie jar with a kitten on it. Unfortunately, you will get to see none of these, because Jenny removed them from the registry.

You can access our registry by clicking here. If this doesn't work, you can always search the Macy's registry site. A word of warning, however: there is another Steve Bourque registered there, but he got married to Erika Beckwith last summer, not Jenny McKinney next summer. Search for Stephen Bourque instead (or Jenny Mckinney).

Having learned her lesson from the Macy's incident, Jenny did not invite me to register at Pottery Barn. Which is just as well, since I would have been confused at the lack of both barns and pottery (I always picture the bowls I made my mom in elementary school). Nevertheless, I am sure that we are registered for items that I do not know we needed, but that will supplement my Snap, Crackle and Pop! cereal bowls very nicely.

You can check out the Pottery Barn registry here.

Last, but not least, is the registry that shall go down in history as "The Registry With The Cool Stuff." Here, you will find the important things that Jenny and Steve will need as they embark on a lifelong adventure of domestic bliss. Like 21' of stadium bleachers. Or Ed Hardy steering wheel covers. And 18-inch machetes. Please note that it appears as though a hacker has penetrated the registry and added a bunch of household goods. Feel free to ignore these; we will have them removed shortly.

You can unleash the awesome by visiting our Amazon registry here.