On April 23rd, 1982, Stephen Edward Bourque was born in Walnut Creek, California, to loving parents, Bill and Susan Bourque. At an early age, Steve began to show a deep interest in two activities that have remained favorites of his into adulthood: being noisy and making messes. He also came to be regarded in some circles as a musical prodigy when, at just three years old, he performed a stirring rendition of "We are the World" from the top of a staircase. For the past 29 years, Steve has spent his every waking moment cultivating a vast pool of talen, which commonlu leaves friends, family, coworkers, and even complete strangers in awe. In addition to many others, Steve counts among his accomplishments:
In the many years he has left on this earth, Steve strives to refine these talents and develop still further ones, particularly with regard to learning to block out Jenny's nagging to eat more vegetables and clean the shower. When he has accomplished this goal and acquired sufficient "treasures" to risk having his living quarters condemned, he will have fully self-actualized."